Wibble Mini Jelly Moulds x 6 (150ml each)

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Wibble Mini Jelly Moulds
  • Wibble Jelly Moulds x 6.  (1 sachet fills 6 moulds or 4 moulds to the brim.)
  • Our Jelly Moulds are 150ml each and the perfect size for individual desserts. 6 Jelly moulds can hold a full sachet of Wibble Jelly or 1 pint of jelly.
  • Perfect for picnics, lunchboxes, parties or just to spread your desserts out over the week.
  • Whether it's for your jelly, desserts or even cakes. These jelly moulds provide a cost effective and easy way to enjoy your desserts!
  • Made from reusable BPA free plastic
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